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Take this 15 minute Disability Inclusive Employer Self-Assessment to gain a deeper understanding of where you’re doing well and where there’s room to improve. One thing we can agree on is that there is always room to improve and by taking the time to learn more – you’re already on your way!

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What is this assessment?

Open Door Group and Presidents Group, two organizations committed to improving employment for people with disabilities in Canada, collaborated to dive deep into recent international research on practices that truly increase inclusion and retention of people with disabilities in the workplace.

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Why should you complete a disability inclusive employer assessment?

More and more, businesses are valuing an inclusive culture. With 20% of working age adults (25 and over) having a disability, it’s crucial to start building accessibility into your business.  Focusing on disability alongside other priority areas in your inclusive culture is a key practice at leading inclusive organizations.

By including disability in your inclusion efforts, you are signaling that your organization is on track to becoming a leader in practices that foster more innovation and financial stability.

Not only is it the ethical thing to do, but inclusive companies are 120% more likely to hit financial targets.

What does it cover?

The 35 questions cover categories including hiring and retention practices, employee benefits, physical and digital accessibility, organizational culture and metrics. For larger organizations, you might need information from your HR or People team, Facilities, and IT systems administrators to answer some questions.

How it works:

  1. Tell us about your organization
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  3. Receive your report with areas to improve and how to get started

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