Top 12 Disability Inclusive Employer Practices

Small businesses and those just getting started can prioritize these top practices to make your recruitment and hiring practices more disability inclusive:an icon of a the globe with a location tag which is the accessibility symbol

    1. Make sure job postings are clear and only contain what you really need.
    2. Familiarize yourself with the employer’s duty to accommodate.
    3. Be flexible with scheduling or shift length to support an accommodation request.
    4. Learn how to access funding to cover accommodations if cost is an issue.
    5. Offer short term disability insurance to employees. Or get familiar with the medical EI process so you can support employees who need to apply.
    6. Educate yourself about how bias gets in the way of disability inclusion.
    7. Build relationships with disability employment service organizations to help you source candidates with disabilities.
    8. Give staff involved in hiring free disability awareness training.
    9. Be open to adapted interviews like working interviews and job shadowing.
    10. Invest in an Employee Assistance Program for your employees.
    11. Get managers Mental Health First Aid
    12. Ensure all employees have equal opportunity for career development.